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Horsemen’s Laboratory Clients That Make a Difference

By Nikki Alvin-Smith

Case Study: EAGALA Team Rene Stone and Her 29 Year Old Horse Tristan Help PTSD Sufferers

When Rene Stone was 30 she bought her first horse, the now 29 year-old Thoroughbred Tristan. While his body was broken, his spirit was bright and Rene Stone took a chance on him because she saw that light that shone within.

Their journey together has touched the lives of many war veterans and other sufferers of PTSD. As a licensed EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association) therapist, Stone has battled some equine medical issues during the set up and success of her treatment program and her journey has had some severe ups and downs. Stone credits the fact that her dear horse Tristan is still up and at it…

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Why Horse Worm Control Maximizes My Horses’ Health


Nikki Alvin-Smith

As an advanced equestrian competitor with a keen eye on the blue ribbon (or red, white and blue) and my quest to ensure all my horses and those of my students reach their full potential, I love to take control of as many aspects of their health care as possible.

The constant line of healthcare professionals that make up part of the Willowview Hill Team include acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists as well as vets, farriers, nutritionists and holistic professionals. Everyone works in a carefully choreographed manner to ensure we are all on the same page and working in harmony together toward the same goal, the best possible performance and health of the horse.

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Does your horse really have worms?

Horsemen’s Laboratory has made it simple to determine if your horse really has worms! Our Equine Fecal Testing Kits include everything you will need: a sturdy container, sealed plastic bag and a prepaid self-addressed envelope to mail the sample back to our lab. The price includes all postage and the results will be conveniently emailed to you.

We make it easy to find out if your horse really has worms!

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