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December 13th, 2017
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Updates from Dr. Byrd and Horsemen's Laboratory

Just posted the 10 Commandments of Equine Parasite Control on my Blog www.equinefecaleggcount.com

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At Horsemenís Laboratory we know our best source of advertising is our loyal customers! So, when you REFER-A-FRIEND and they purchase 4 Testing Kits you will receive 2 FREE KITS. Simply go to our BLOG at: www.equinefecaleggcount.com and print off the ďRefer-A-FriendĒ slip for full details.

CONGRATULATIONS to Carol Chang of Mahomet, Illinois. Carol was the winner of the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB PRO 8.4 from the American Legion Auxiliary raffle. Thank you to everyone who participated in raising money for our Veterans.

Check out our BLOG at: www.equinefecaleggcount.com
We just posted a new article by Stephen Flynn, "How does the environment affect strongyle development?". Please comment and let us know your thoughts.

Check out our BLOG at: www.equinefecaleggcount.com
We just posted a new article by Stephen Flynn, "The New Insights into Deworming". Please comment and let us know your thoughts.

WIN a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 - Wi-Fi - 16 GB
Horsemenís Laboratory is joining forces with the Mahomet American Legion Auxiliary to help our Veterans!

Each year the American Legion Auxiliary holds a raffle to raise money to assist Veterans in our community. This year they are raffling off a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB PRO 8.4 - Wi-Fi - 16 GB, it comes with Bluetooth and an Adjustable, Smart Protective Case & Folio Keyboard ($400 value).

For every Horsemenís Laboratory client who orders 10 or more testing kits or who orders 4 or more testing kits AND signs up for our NEW consulting services before August 15th, Horsemenís Laboratory will purchase a raffle ticket ($10 value) on your behalf and you will be automatically entered to win the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB PRO 8.4.

There will only be 500 tickets sold for this special raffle so be sure to order your kits soon!

Thank you for supporting our Veterans!

Price Increase
Thank you for your loyal support over the years, we look forward to continuing to help you evaluate your horsesí worm control program. However, due to the increases in labor, materials, and postage we must increase our prices. Therefore, on May 1, 2015 the price will increase by $2 per sample. Any samples purchased before May 1st will be processed for the fee prior to May 1st.
Example: If you purchase 6 samples before May 1st and do not use any sample before May 1st they will still be processed at the price you paid for them not at the new price.

Deworming your horse
For more up to date information on controlling intestinal parasites (worms) that may be affecting your horses go to www.thehorse.com/Videos.aspx?tab=webinar. Watch the webinar DEWORMING YOUR HORSE the latest information on deworming strategies and how you can help prevent resistance to dewormers by Dr. Craig Reinemeyer and Dr. Wendy Vaala.

New Deworming Protocol
The new deworming protocol is based on the fact that all horses in a group or herd will fall into 3 categories light, medium, and heavy egg shedders. The heavy shedders are responsible for 80% of the eggs that hatch into larva that develop into infective stages in a pasture. It is suggested that horses shedding 200 eggs/gram or less are light shedders. Horses that are shedding 200 eggs/ gram Ė 500 eggs/gram are medium shedders. Horses shedding over 500 eggs/gram are considered heavy shedders. Light shedders should be dewormed 2 times a year, medium shedders should be dewormed 3 times a year, and heavy shedders should be dewormed 4 times a year. This protocol was suggested by the equine parasitologists that spoke at the Symposium on Equine Parasite Resistance. Horsemen's Laboratory recommend owner deworm all horses 1 time a year to insure that tapeworms or bot and pinworms do not get out of hand. There may be circumstances that cause this schedule to be altered.

The aim of this protocol is to slow down the progress of resistance by leaving some sensitive worms to mate with the resistant worms causing their offspring to remain sensitive to the dewormers that are available. Since there are no new dewormers on the horizon in the near future it is important to delay the development of more resistant as long as possible. Certainly fecal egg counts are critical to this deworming protocol.

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