The Ten Commandments of Equine Parasite Control

Dr. Craig R. Reinemeyer and Dr. Martin Nielsen have come up with the 10 Commandments of Equine Parasite Control.  Many of these “commandments” seem counter to what I learned when I was in Veterinary School so long ago.  However, since the problem of worm resistance has remained a concern a new approach must be taken… Read more »

Controlling Parasites through Pasture Management

Written by Ann Jamieson, brought to you by Eastern Hay A constant problem in horses, parasites can result in unthrifty condition, ulcers, respiratory problems, anemia, chronic colic and even death. Yet with the development of de-worming products that can be given orally rather than by tubing, allowing more widespread and frequent use of de-wormers, parasite… Read more »