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I’ve been using Horsemens Lab

I’ve been using Horsemens Lab for several years now and highly recommend their services. It helps me to know how to manage my horse’s worming needs without doing so unnecessarily. They are very available to discuss specifics directly if I have a question which has been helpful. Reasonable price, easy process, quick turn around for results. Excellent all around!

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Horsemen’s Lab is a great

Horsemen’s Lab is a great service.
I worm my horse 6 times a year and she still has worms. Truly the only way to know is to have the manure checked and find out the results they provide in their reports.

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This is a great service

This is a great service and helps to insure that I am worming my horses correctly and not over medicating if not necessary. I had not used them in a while and just started again. Gives me confidence that my worming program is properly targeted. Thanks.

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I have been using Horsemens

I have been using Horsemens Lab for years now. Their kits are so easy to use, they are very quick in getting the results back and I know I am doing right by my horse!

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My horse has been a

My horse has been a client for over 10 years and I have never been disappointed. The service is excellent, cost is very reasonable and turn around time is efficient. I would recommend Horsemen’s Lab to anyone .

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