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I started using Horseman’s Laboratory

I started using Horseman’s Laboratory in the late 90’s and used it for a few years for my horse and my daughter’s pony. They were both low shedders and never needed worming, and I felt good knowing I wasn’t putting chemicals that they didn’t need in them. I bought multiple kits in advance to save money, since I loved the service so much. Then my life circumstances changed in 2004 and I had to sell my horse and the pony. For more than 10 years I was without a horse or any contact with horses. Then a friend got me back into riding and eventually I got my own horse again. I called Horseman’s Laboratory to subscribe and to my amazement, was told that I still had several kits left on my account. Over 10 years had passed. That’s impressive record keeping!

My new horse is a shedder so I need to worm her frequently and test her more often. Any time I’ve had questions, Dr. Byrd and his staff have been amazing, providing detailed information, giving me advice, and otherwise helping me feel good about my mare’s care. I highly recommend Horseman’s Laboratory and will use the service as long as I have a horse.

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I’m very impressed with this

I’m very impressed with this company! They provide quick, reliable results with reasonable cost. I mailed my horse’s fecal sample from Florida on a Saturday and received the results on Wednesday. Also, their customer service is above expectations; They quickly remedied a mail -delay problem which I once had. I will continue to use this service and highly recommend to others.

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Fast service and now I

Fast service and now I know what worms my horses have and I have print out I can share with my vet. . I will definitely use this service again to see if I get them under control.

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This is a great service.

This is a great service. I ordered the kit on a Saturday, received it in the mail on the following Thursday, put the sample back in the mail the next Saturday and had results emailed to me Tuesday. Really easy process and I will use Horsemen’s Lab again in the future.

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Sent my first samples. And

Sent my first samples. And in one week of sending, received my results. So pleased. It was easy, it was fast. I have a print out, to keep records of my horses. And I must add, we are clear of worms!!! Thank you. For fecal services I can afford!

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