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Fast service! Thanks so

Fast service! Thanks so much. It’s great to know that my program is working.

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The kit was easy to

The kit was easy to use with clear instructions. Got the results the same week via email. Of the 3 horses we have one needs to be wormed. They’ve all been on the same routine worming program so it’s good to know which horse needs attention.

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I just got my results

I just got my results and am very pleased with your service. You got back to me so quickly after I mailed the samples,
and I will continue to use you in the future for sure. Thank you!

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We had a long running

We had a long running problem of severe tail rubbing. Horseman’s was the only one of many consultants to suggest pin worms as the problem. He not only recommended treatment but explained in detail why it had not been detected or cured with regular worm tests. Dr. Byrd was very accommodating when I forgot the kit, called at odd hours, and asked a lot of questions. Our personal contacts and the results has created confidence for continued interaction with him. Reliable and rapid service.

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I am responding to this

I am responding to this note that was included with my horse’s sample results:
“We have started to use a new system so we can get the results out sooner. We need to check how well it works. If our service is appreciated please go to Horsemen’s Laboratory’s web site www.horsemenslab.com (copy and place in address bar) and place a small message in the client comments.”

I dropped the fecal sample in the mail on Monday and received the results on Thursday! I was also able to have a quick conversation with Dr. John W. Byrd, DVM about my horse’s results and received a clear recommendation.

I value this service very much!

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