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I’ve been using Horseman’s Lab

I’ve been using Horseman’s Lab for several years and I love their mission to safely oversee the health of horses. The customer service and information is excellent and results fast.

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Thank you. The service is

Thank you. The service is very simple and straightforward. I received my results very quickly. It gives me peace of mind to have the support and knowledge that you offer.

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Simple and quick process from

Simple and quick process from ordering and payment online to results being emailed. And when I had a question the phone was answered by a pleasant employee patiently responding. Top notch people and service.

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Fast response time, Great service

Fast response time, Great service and a great price for peace of mind! You can even call with questions and discuss your needs. Thanks for your services!

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I’m so happy I started

I’m so happy I started using their service instead of just blindly worming. My preference is always less chemicals whenever possible. This makes it possible. Plus, I found out an older horse has roundworms, and without testing I’m not sure I would have found out.

Also, both Ivy and the Dr. spent time explaining things to me and suggested treatment on the mare. I’m so grateful for the easy and affordable service and will for sure be a customer for a long, long time!

Before I discovered them I was thinking of getting all the stuff to do my own counts, and the pre-paid service that includes a year of consults, was less than I would have spent on all that stuff, AND, I got way better info than I would have on my own.

It is definitely worth it to keep your horses healthy!

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