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Shari – Querio

Hi You dont know me Im Shari (Rella) Querio I live in Washington state just north of Spokane Last spring at a cattle auction yard I bought an Appaloosa stallion (a Goer son out of a Te N’Te mare) He earned halter points he stood at stud for several years (28 registered foals) He was going to the killers. He was 300 lbs or so underweight, bald and in just terrible condition. Im not a sappy person, but Im almost crying now telling you about him. How did such a fine horse as he end up in a place like that? Didnt he EARN a good retirement and health care until he died? Im asking for a one time donation to help the horses at my farm Anything will help, no amount is too small. The horses will stay on my farm (120 acres) until they die or in some instances find another home. I am not an official horse rescue Im nobody I just care about the horses that were bred and used and then thrown away. Please help the horses that no one remembers We have over 60 head now I bought one horse out of the kill pen that belonged to a famous country western singer and actor!! I have an old mare (34) that I took cause her owner couldnt keep her. We have a miniature donkey that someone drug with a chain in his mouth knocked out some teeth, actually cut some of his lower lip off. He is ok and loved now. I pay for everything out of my pocket As a horse person you know how much worm medicine and farriers cost Most of the horses are old or debilitated in some way My vet bill is astronomical I need a lot of specialized feed See if you can find it in your heart to help these forgotten ones!! I’m beginning to feel that no one does care. Rella Querio 2500 Logan Rd Chewelah WA 99109

CAJ – Maryland

You perform a great service. Getting the kit as a reminder that a worm check is due is one less thing I have to remember. And the speedy results are fantastic. Thanks. CAJ

Lori Warshawsky – San Pedro, California

Thank you for the quick follow up on my horses test results. It puts me at ease knowing I am not worming my horse when it is unneccessary. I especially like getting the results via email; it’s a timesaver for me!

Laurie Baxter

Fast results, good to know status of worming effectiveness. Thanks!@>-

April Williams-Ginns – Yorkshire Farm Riding School, Jackson WI 53037

What a superb way not to over medicate your horses. I wish you’d been around 40 years ago in the UK! Thank you for your professional service. Kind Regards April