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Marsha – California

I could not access my results for my little mare gypsy…please help thank you marsha

Jeff Johnnie – Orange TX

I am tring to find out the best thing to worm my horses with and how offten to worm them.

Tina Colby – Washington, PA

Fantastic service!! The results are always quick in getting back to me and I love knowing that I’m not over worming my horses and needlessly filling them with bad chemicals. Thanks again for your service. It is easy reasonable and quick, what more can you ask for.@>-

Kathryn – Spring, TX

Got very quick results.Good service. Will recommend to my friends.

Karen Troncale – Tombstone, AZ

I just received my (quick) results and they were negative again. It is such a relief to know that she is (practically) worm-free and that I don’t need to worm her needlessly. Thank you for your service.