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Love this product! The

Love this product! The collection container arrives in the mail just when I need it and the results come back quickly. I don’t need to mark my calendar or try to remember where I put the supplies, it is all done for me. Thank you for making my life a little easier and my horse better protected.

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I was amazed at how

I was amazed at how quickly our results were emailed back to us in an organized, easy to understand format. Dr. Byrd spent an impressive amount of time consulting and educating me on parasite management. We are excited to be teamed up with such a wonderful company!

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Dr. Byrd’s services at Horsemen’s

Dr. Byrd’s services at Horsemen’s Laboratory provides convenient and rapid information. Next day results are greatly appreciated. He makes the process easy for the client and willing to provide advice and recommendations.

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Very prompt, efficient service.

Very prompt, efficient service. Thank you!

Mary Jane
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Super easy and accurate results.

Super easy and accurate results. That’s what I love about Horseman’s Lab. I have my mare on Colic Care through SmartPak and a fecal is a requirement. This company makes it sooo easy!!!
Thank you!

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