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I was very pleased to

I was very pleased to quickly receive a new replacement sample packet—with mail tracking on the envelope, after one of my samples got lost in the mail. Lab results have always been quick and thorough. My questions, handwritten and sent with my packet years ago, were promptly responded to. I’ve been using Horsemen’s Lab for a long time now and will continue to rely on their lab results for my horse’s health.

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Love this service!!!! I’ve been

Love this service!!!! I’ve been using it for about ten years and I have a healthy happy horse who rarely requires worming!! I’ve been amazed how horses can come and go in the herd, be heavily infested with worms, yet other horses not have a worms!! I feel testing is so important!!!!

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I’ve had fecal testing done

I’ve had fecal testing done via my local vet in the past. After seeing an ad for Horsemen’s Laboratory, I decided to give it a shot, to avoid costly vet farm calls. What a wonderful experience it has been! I sent both of my horse’s fecals back for testing. Shortly thereafter, I received an email that one test result was back, while the other had gotten damaged in the mail, and was unable to be tested. They sent me a new kit, free of charge, and the turnaround time was quick in getting those results. I will continue to use Horsemen’s Lab for my fecal testing, as they’ve proven to be on the ball, with exemplary customer service!

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I have been using fecal

I have been using fecal testing kits for about 3 years now. It give me peace of mind that my horse and mule are healthy and not over wormed. The testing kits are easy to use and the turn around time is exceptional. Always love seeing that NEGATIVE result.

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I just started the service

I just started the service in 2020. I get the results faster than I did from my vet, I pay less per horse per year, the lab lets me know when it is time
to take a sample and send it in, and I do not need to take to the vet or have the vet stop by.

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