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This is a great service

This is a great service and helps to insure that I am worming my horses correctly and not over medicating if not necessary. I had not used them in a while and just started again. Gives me confidence that my worming program is properly targeted. Thanks.

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I have been using Horsemens

I have been using Horsemens Lab for years now. Their kits are so easy to use, they are very quick in getting the results back and I know I am doing right by my horse!

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My horse has been a

My horse has been a client for over 10 years and I have never been disappointed. The service is excellent, cost is very reasonable and turn around time is efficient. I would recommend Horsemen’s Lab to anyone .

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I was very pleased to

I was very pleased to quickly receive a new replacement sample packet—with mail tracking on the envelope, after one of my samples got lost in the mail. Lab results have always been quick and thorough. My questions, handwritten and sent with my packet years ago, were promptly responded to. I’ve been using Horsemen’s Lab for a long time now and will continue to rely on their lab results for my horse’s health.

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Love this service!!!! I’ve been

Love this service!!!! I’ve been using it for about ten years and I have a healthy happy horse who rarely requires worming!! I’ve been amazed how horses can come and go in the herd, be heavily infested with worms, yet other horses not have a worms!! I feel testing is so important!!!!

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