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Quick service, felt very personal.

Quick service, felt very personal. I got the results almost immediately. I was going to treat my horse for pinworms but decided it would be better to find out if she really had a problem. I spent $24 and got her entire worm profile and didn’t need to treat her which saved me a minimum of $65 for treatment. Very glad to have the info and save some money!

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Mailed the sample on Tuesday,

Mailed the sample on Tuesday, had the results in my inbox on Friday. This can’t get any easier. Thanks for the great service.

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I posted my horse’s fecal

I posted my horse’s fecal sample on 6/14 and the results were posted by email on 6/17. I was very impressed with this fast turnaround. My horse has not had detectable worm counts from the last 3 samples, so I can confidently avoid over-worming my horse.

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Quick and easy. No

Quick and easy. No more excess chemicals being given to my herd. Only treat for what is needed.

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The service has been exceptional

The service has been exceptional for getting my horses tested. The response time is great. Glad that I switched from having my vet check and then get back to me. PDF file is easy to use. Thank you!

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