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Love having this service!

Love having this service! Always a reminder and then knowing your horses are ok.
Thank you for doing this for my horses!

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We are extremely pleased with

We are extremely pleased with Horsemen’s Laboratory. Dr. Byrd is informative and helpful, the sample collection and mailing process is easy, the lab results arrive quickly and are easy to understand, plus we are saving money and taking better care of our horses by deworming only when needed. Whether you have one horse or a herd, I highly recommend Horsemen’s Laboratory.

General Website Testimonials

I have been using horsemen’s

I have been using horsemen’s laboratory for years. They are extremely responsive & timely in sending my kits out. The turnaround is a matter of days.
I will continue to use them for years to come.
Thank you

General Website Testimonials

Horsemens Lab provided outstanding service.

Horsemens Lab provided outstanding service. This was my first time using their service. They were highly recommended by a fellow equestrian, to prevent unnecessary use of de-wormers. They were very informative, patient with all of my questions and very prompt with all mailings. It was terrific to receive the prompt results via email.

General Website Testimonials

Quick service, felt very personal.

Quick service, felt very personal. I got the results almost immediately. I was going to treat my horse for pinworms but decided it would be better to find out if she really had a problem. I spent $24 and got her entire worm profile and didn’t need to treat her which saved me a minimum of $65 for treatment. Very glad to have the info and save some money!

General Website Testimonials