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Horseman’s Laboratory was recommended by

Horseman’s Laboratory was recommended by my farrier. The results were fast! I appreciate the cheaper price with more kits and that additional kits are sent when needed. Excellent and easy to keep my horses healthier!

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Horsemans Laboratory is Great,

Horsemans Laboratory is Great, I have used them over the years for worm testing and always had great results. Their very Quick and efficient. Thank you !!!!!!

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Very quick turnaround and easy

Very quick turnaround and easy service! Horsemenslab has thought of everything to make the process easier for horse owners by offering bulk discounted kits and shipping them out as needed.

When I moved barns and took over my pony’s worming, I used a horsemenslab kit and found out that my pony had an egg count of 900! I de-wormed immediately and after sending in a new kit several weeks later he now shows a negative result. It is great to be able to know within a few days of mailing the sample that the wormer used is actually working and to also know when he does or does not need it.

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Your service is easy and

Your service is easy and results are fast. Thank you.

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I am really impressed with

I am really impressed with the outstanding service and results from Dr. Byrd and his team. I received the test kit very quickly. I followed the easy instructions and mailed back. The results came amazingly fast, and when I had questions, I received almost an immediate
response. My local vet recommended Dr. Byrd and I am so glad she did. I will be telling all my horse buddies about Dr. Byrd and his service. 🙂

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