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Quick and easy. No

Quick and easy. No more excess chemicals being given to my herd. Only treat for what is needed.

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The service has been exceptional

The service has been exceptional for getting my horses tested. The response time is great. Glad that I switched from having my vet check and then get back to me. PDF file is easy to use. Thank you!

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I love the fecal testing

I love the fecal testing for my horses. It prevents unnecessary deworming and you treat for what they have. I have an older horse with some health issues so any less treating for him is good!

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I have been using Horsemens

I have been using Horsemens lab for a few years now. I use to just worm my horses on a ration every few months, not knowing whether they had worms and if so which worms they had. Now I send a stool sample and most of the time they are negative. When they do have worms I know exactly which ones to worm for.
They get the results back real fast!
I cannot believe how much poison I put into my horses in the past for no reason.
I highly recommend using this method of care for your loved ones.

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The service is quick and

The service is quick and easy. Mr. John Byrd (DVM) and team can be reached by email or phone. I sent the samples off on Tuesday and received the results via email by Friday afternoon. Will continue to use them and would recommend them.

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