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I love this service.

I love this service. My friend and I use it, and we don’t always get the same results. My horse seems to have a very good resistance to worms. At both this barn and the last his counts have been consistently negative while other horses have come up with strongyles or a tapeworm was found.
We do a full spectrum wormer once a year, regardless. The rest of the year we do the fecal tests and only worm when necessary.
It gives me great peace of mind that we only worm when necessary.
Gone are the days of rotational worming for us!
Thank you!

Lyn Chambers
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This program is excellent.! It

This program is excellent.! It is state of the art in monitoring your horse’s worming needs. The results came back quickly with a full explanation of the findings. I highly recommend using this scientifically based service.. Thank you.

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Wonderful company!!! Results were IMMEDIATE!!!

Wonderful company!!! Results were IMMEDIATE!!! Very cost effective and reliable means to operating an effective parasite control program. Highly recommend!!!!

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I have never in my

I have never in my whole horse life of 40 yrs had a better experience than I did this week with these folks!!! Not only were my results very fast coming back but when I had emailed about how to treat my 9 month old babies the Doctor responded with a call!!!!! I would recommend these services to every horse owner!!!!! I now know how important it is to know what worms we are up against so I do not treat a broad spectrum wormer and create resistant worms!!! Thank you so much Horsemens Lab you are the best!!!!!!!

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I am very happy with

I am very happy with the convenience, price and accuracy provided by Horsemen’s Laboratory!

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