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BEST RESOURCE EVER for horse owners! It was getting expensive to have the vet do all my fecal testing for my whole herd, but I was worried an online lab wouldn’t be as accurate. I was wrong! Horsemen’s Lab does a wonderful job, makes it very easy to collect samples, and are very fast in delivering the results. The DVM, John was so kind and informative in helping us find a dewormer that didn’t have a resistance after 2 rounds of testing came back positive even after deworming with other products. I really like not needing to call the vet out and will be a loyal customer for life. 🙂

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Well, that was easy.

Well, that was easy. Ordered, arrived, collected sample, sent and had the results faster than having my vet come, charge big bucks for a farm call and have me remember call to get the results. Not only that, the cost was fully half (!) of my vet’s price. Couldn’t be happier and will continue to use Horsemen’s lab for my fecal tests from now on.

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Very easy to monitor horses

Very easy to monitor horses for parasites with this great service from Horsemen’s Laboratory.

Inger Peterson
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Very thankful this service exists.

Very thankful this service exists. Much better than to constantly overworm my horses.

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Great service! It is

Great service! It is so helpful to have the actual egg counts to know how (and when) to administer effective treatment. My horses are happy and healthy on routine fecal exams.

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