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Your service is easy and

Your service is easy and results are fast. Thank you.

General Website Testimonials

I am really impressed with

I am really impressed with the outstanding service and results from Dr. Byrd and his team. I received the test kit very quickly. I followed the easy instructions and mailed back. The results came amazingly fast, and when I had questions, I received almost an immediate
response. My local vet recommended Dr. Byrd and I am so glad she did. I will be telling all my horse buddies about Dr. Byrd and his service. 🙂

General Website Testimonials

So happy I found this

So happy I found this service and will recommend it to others. So easy to use and love the fast test results! No doubt we will be repeat customers. The website is a great source of information. Thank You Dr. Byrd and Horseman’s Laboratory!

General Website Testimonials

I am so glad to

I am so glad to have found Dr. Byrd and Horsemen’s Laboratory. The cost for the fecal kit is very reasonable and the service is excellent! I was getting frustrated that my local vet could not tell me the egg count, since that’s what is needed to decide whether a horse should be de-wormed or not. I have had my two horses tested twice so far and plan on continuing to test every three months according to Dr. Byrd’s recommendation. I appreciate his courteous, quick response, and all the great information available on this website. Thank you!

General Website Testimonials

Fast service! Thanks so

Fast service! Thanks so much. It’s great to know that my program is working.

General Website Testimonials