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Fantastic service! I mailed

Fantastic service! I mailed my samples on a Saturday and had my results in my email Monday afternoon.

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Wow, I got my results

Wow, I got my results back so quickly I couldn’t believe it! I love being able to check the individual equine and only deworm the ones that need to be dewormed according to the fecal results. With all of the problems with parasite resistance, this is the best way to assure we will still have products that will work when we need them by not over deworming.

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I have been doing these

I have been doing these test for about 3 years now. Has one horse that continually had eggs. With the help of this service, working with Dr Byrd, and my own vet…I am happy to say..both of my horses have tested negative since 2/2018. Thanks for this fabulous Service…my Horses thank you, too.

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Love having this service!

Love having this service! Always a reminder and then knowing your horses are ok.
Thank you for doing this for my horses!

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We are extremely pleased with

We are extremely pleased with Horsemen’s Laboratory. Dr. Byrd is informative and helpful, the sample collection and mailing process is easy, the lab results arrive quickly and are easy to understand, plus we are saving money and taking better care of our horses by deworming only when needed. Whether you have one horse or a herd, I highly recommend Horsemen’s Laboratory.

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