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I have never in my

I have never in my whole horse life of 40 yrs had a better experience than I did this week with these folks!!! Not only were my results very fast coming back but when I had emailed about how to treat my 9 month old babies the Doctor responded with a call!!!!! I would recommend these services to every horse owner!!!!! I now know how important it is to know what worms we are up against so I do not treat a broad spectrum wormer and create resistant worms!!! Thank you so much Horsemens Lab you are the best!!!!!!!

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I am very happy with

I am very happy with the convenience, price and accuracy provided by Horsemen’s Laboratory!

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I need to thank Dr.

I need to thank Dr. Byrd and Horsemen’s Lab for the quality of their service and outstanding support. The management approach we use, based on the protocol recommended by Horsemen’s Lab, has proven to optimize parasite management, the health of my horses, and also to be much more cost effective than blind administration of de-worming chemicals. The lab has contacted us proactively on several occasions with follow up support, ensuring that any of our questions were answered, and providing explanation and education. Thank you Dr. Byrd and Horsemen’s Lab!!!

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Strongly recommend fecal testing for

Strongly recommend fecal testing for parasite control. My horses have been negative for all their tests and this significantly reduces their exposure to antihelminics. The new system of reporting is so much faster and is easily printed to hard copy and or saved to PDF for digital file.

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I have used Horsemenslab for

I have used Horsemenslab for years and love the easy sample kit and shipping envelope. I once called for a question and Dr. Byrd answered himself and took all the time I needed and more. He truly loves helping you help your horse.

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