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Teri Morgan - Julian, CA

I am so happy to have found you. The service is so easy to use and the results arrive quickly. Less work and mess on my part and less expensive than I had been paying. Your customer service is tops, I actually enjoy my phone conversations with you. Thank you

Shauna Franklin - Michigan

Thank you so much for getting my results back to me so quickly and I had no trouble downloading them. I was very happy to see my 8 month old filly was negative. Everybody I've talked with at the lab has been wonderful to deal with. Will definitely recommend Horsemenslab to my horsey friends! Thanks again! Shauna

Penny Rudish-Laning - Bridgeton, NJ

Super fast turn around. Highly recommend Horsemen's Laboratory

Tina Johnson - TX

Love the quick turn around time and customer service. Also nice they will speak to you on the phone to offer worming suggestions.

Jill Green - Malvern, PA

Dr. John Bryd actually takes phone calls and helps sort out parasite problems for repeat offenders! Super service!!! Pre-paid kits are convenient, follow up notifications for testing, or re-testing, are great reminders and emailed results couldn't be quicker ,….a professional service that really works! love this group!

Liz - Hawaii

I like this system a lot. I prepay for a few months, so the test kits arrive without any effort on my part. Results come via email with very little turn-around time. The results email indicates what I should do if there are positive results, but doesn't indicate what to do if there are consistently zero results. That is, how often should I worm, and with what, if my horse carries no egg load?

Tracey - Illinois

Mailed samples on Friday, had results on 6 head monday!! Quick, very easy and convenient!! Knowing who needs wormed and who doesn't eases my mind.

Trixi Menhardt - California

This service is so easy to use - I get a reminder via email when the next test is due, get results via email.


Over the summer, I adopted 2 horses who came from very unsanitary conditions and I wanted to make sure they weren't bringing along any parasite buddies to my farm. Seeing the negative results on this test was a huge relief. Thank you so much for providing this service. The process was simple, affordable, and I got my results quicker than expected.

Janet Brennan - NJ

I have been thinking about sending a fecal sample to a lab for quite some time so as not to keep deworming my horse unnecessarily. Horsemen's Lab was highly recommended to me and this is the second sample I have sent in. I mailed it on Friday and received results via email on Monday. You can't ask for better service. I will continue to use Horsemen's Lab in the future.

Diane Baker-Hallowell - NJ

Wow! That was fast! Mailed it from NJ on Monday afternoon and the results are here on Thursday! Thanks for the great service!

Gail - Muncy, PA

This is my first time using Horsemen's Lab. I am very pleased with the quick results. Thank you.

Anna Bowser - New Mexico

I've been recommending this service to the other boarders at my barn. This month we tested 20 horses and only 4 required treatment. Everyone is thrilled to be treating only those that need it and not unnecessarily treating those that don't. Can't thank you enough, Dr. Byrd!

Wendy - Calvert County Maryland

This is my third season using Horseman's lab. I love getting my results so fast and knowing exactly who I have to worm or not worm. I have 4 horses and I find this service very economical. I used to worm everyone 2 times a year. This past year only one horse had to be wormed. Happy to report 4 negative tests this fall.

Robin Lindsey - Thousand Oaks, CA

Super fast turn around time, and love getting the results via email pdf file to add to each horses file.

Trixi Menhardt - California

Great service - I even forgot to fill in any details on the bag and still got my results via email within 3 days of mailing.

Kari - Maryville, TN

We ordered 22 tests from HL, and had the results back within days. What a GREAT service! It is so nice to know which horses DON'T need wormer and what kind of wormer to get for the ones that do! Thank you so much!!!

Kate Gustke - Medford, OR

Thanks so much for such fast service - sent Wed, results Friday. How great is that? I received the file just fine - my only comment is that it doesn't show the complete results, cutting off the end when the form runs out of space. I got the idea, but would have liked to see the full comment. Here is what I got: Negative Stool Sample (no worm eggs fo Other than that, the whole process went like clockwork!

Ron - California

I used to pay twice what HL charges to local vet office. They make it so easy, fast and inexpensive. Customer service is fast and friendly. We are new customers but will be customers for life. I spread the word to all our horse friends. Thanks HL.

Sarah - Drftwood, TX

In the past, I avoided testing and just de-wormed on a fixed schedule, because I thought it would be big hassle … NOT TRUE wth Horsemen's Lab. Collecting sample, mailing etc couldn't be easier and results come back quickly. am very happy with this level of service.

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