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Amber Driscoll - New Hampshire

Love working with this company, they are quick to get results to you, and very affordable.

Becky - Saratoga, CA

Prompt and efficient service as usual. Thank you Horsemen's Laboratory.

Linda Conrad - Bend, OR

I appreciate having this service to check on how my boy is doing. So far he has shown no signs of worms, so has been spared from using dewormers for many months. Thanks!

Robin Lindsey - Chino Valley, AZ

Thank you for the fast service and email results, which are quick and easy. Thank you also for the service in general, as its great peace of mind to know my horses do not have worms and do not need to be wormed just because its a certain season

Leesa Fisher - Loudon, TN

This was my first time using. I appreciate the fast service. Will continue to use.

Stephanie Crandall - NY

Excellent, fast service. Thanks!

Sandra - Texas

Great service to the equine community. Fast, easy, and affordable.

Mary Jane Fridley - Arizona

We received the results in less than a week from when I mailed the samples, thank you! I really like your quick turn around time.

Debra Kennedy - Illinois

This is the best parasite management system. I've used it for years now & it keeps improving. I remember how I started using Horseman's Lab. Mrs. Byrd saw me loading horse feed in Rural King parking lot. She was so friendly when she approached me, gave me a business card & explained their service. I've never looked back!

Vicki Borrelli - Colorado

I have used this service several times and always super fast service on testing and emailing the results. I will continue with themā€¦

Linda Fullmer - Midvale, Utah

Fast service on my new mare Emma. I would normally worm a new horse just because. But why give chemical wormer's when not necessary. Thanks, Linda

Monica - Manteno, IL

Got the results super fast and opened the pdf without issue! Thanks Dr Byrd!

Diane Ayers - MD

Quick, easy and affordable. You give me the information I need to control internal parasites effectively. I had no problem opening and reading the pdf you sent me. Thanks!

Deb Long - Indiana

Wow..great service! Mailed on Monday and received my results on Wednesday. Will definitely use Horsemen's Laboratory again. No problem opening my email attachment. Thank you!

Brigit Huwyler - Connecticut

Great service at an affordable price. Also good advice given with results.

COZMENT - Concord, NC

I appreciate this serviceā€¦cheaper than the vet charges and easier, too!

M Kimball - Southern California

Wow, I had results before USPS even said the package would be delivered! Very fast and efficient. Report clear. Thanks!

Allison Norman - San Mateo, FL

Great service ! Quick results easy to read. Great customer care, I received a phone call & emails when needed. Thank you!!

Denise LaCroix - FL

Wow!!! I'm impressed. I mailed the sample on Wed. and got my results on Friday. Fantastic!!! I'm so glad a friend recommended Horsemen's Laboratory to me.

Dawnya Hathaway - Tennessee

My first time using Horsemen's Laboratory. I couldn't be more pleased! I got the results in 4 days, which was especially remarkable considering the weekend and holiday. Love that the results were emailed! Very easy to package and send in the sample. I'll be using them again soon!

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