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Nancy - Hill, NH

Easy to use kits and mailing. Got back to me in a week from when I mailed. Took the time to talk to me on the phone with any questions that I had. Great to also have the hard copy of the results for my records. thank you!

Phyllis - NV

Thanks so much for your quick and simple to do service! I like receiving the results so quickly via e-mail. With 8 horses, I really appreciate not having to pay as much as my vet would charge.

MB - Connecticut

I have been using Horseman's Lab for 3 or 4 years now. I love the new quick turnaround with results coming to me via email! My horse was negative so no need to put chemicals in him for no reason! Cost is excellent. Service is excellent and the best part is you know you are doing a good thing for your horse by not pumping him full of stuff he doesn't need. Thanks much.

KF - Arizona

I received my results via e-mail this morning for my two horses. The results were received quickly and what a pleasant surprise to find that my horses' fecal counts were negative! After reading articles recently on deworming, I found your website. I had been deworming my horses every 3 months and I always disliked having to give them chemicals on a regular basis, not knowing whether or not it was really needed. Your service lets me know if either of my horses need deworming and what type of worms I need to target. Thank you very much for providing this valuable service!

Gwen Lorio - California

Wow! I sent in samples on Monday and had results via email on Thursday night. And at a much better price than having my vet do it. Thanks for the great service!

Carol Federici - New Jersey

Yur service provided such peace of mind! It was so easy to send the samples and the results (your new system works great) were back within the week. Thank you for providing the opportunity to better care for my horses.

Jessica Fox - Ohio

We have compare our Horsemen's Lab results with our two local equine vets analysis of the same fecal material and have always had the most confidence in the information we receive from Horsemen's over the many years that we have been using these services. We are so grateful that we are only deworming the horses that need dewormed verses everybody, thus introducing even more of a toxic load of dewormers into our farm's ecosystem! So prompt, so efficient, so competent! We are thrilled that we have such a great service to recommend to our goat, canine, bovine and equine pals! We maintain a healthy herd of 20+ cattle and 10+ horses with very few dewormers needed, thanks to Horsemens' Lab! Keep up the great service(s)!

Terry - Oakland, CA

Thank you so much for providing such a valuable service! It's fast and easy, and I am thrilled I am no longer giving pesticides to my horse unnecessarily. Since I coordinate the samples for my barn mates as well, I really like getting the results by email so I can forward them on. (The files have always opened just fine) Thanks also for taking time out of your day to answer a worm question I had once over the phone. Top notch service!

Sandra Harris - Brawley, CA

Thanks for your fast, convenient service - and at a reasonable price. So easy to use! It's nice to know that my horses are in good health and that I don't need to waste money on unneeded wormings. My horses thank you also.

Kathleen L. Barndt - Greenwich, NJ

Very efficient service. My horse's negative sample allowed me to save on worming products! The only problem I had was with the mailing envelope splitting during the first mailing. I suggest a more durable return envelope. Thanks again for this valuable service.

Joyce Purcell - Pinon Hills, Ca

Fast service using email for results. Like knowing the worm count in my horses so I can properly worm them if needed. This is an important service you're providing. Thank you.

Kathie Judy - Wimauma, FL

Very fast and professional service. Far less expensive than the vet, and I was pleasantly surprised to find all but one of my horses to have a negative count.

Carol Eilers - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

After a relocation, my two horses went from a zero or low parasite count, to a very high level, in a matter of just two months. Following the recommended protocol, I have managed to bring the parasite load back down to zero. Thank you to Horsemen's Laboratory for walking me through the process, showing me the results, and easing my mind! An EXTREMELY GREAT service! Carol in Iowa

Amber Lesovoy - NC

I've always done rotational de-worming every 4-5 weeks, but have heard more and more that is really is better to do a fecal and then worm accordingly. I have a drawer full of stockpiled de-wormer at home, but I did not want to keep dosing my pony if he did not need it. So, I ordered a kit, sent in my sample, and am incredibly pleased to have gotten my results in only two days- and bonus, his manure was negative! Now that I know this, I won't be dosing him unnecessarily. This is a fantastic service, and I am an incredibly satisfied customer.

Deborah Johnson-Baker - Alexander, NY

Thank you for the Great service and sincere intereat in my horses parasitic conditions. I wasn't able to open emailed results without downloading into a file then opening from there. But that worked well too. Heartfelt appreciation for your extra help.

Cathi - Washington State

Dr. Byrd and Becky, Your service is superb…my horses thank you! Their parasite health is so improved since I started using your test kits three years ago. Fast, friendly and accurate ~ with all the latest information on worms and resistance….what more can we ask? I can't thank you enough.

Melody Tuper - Crystal Lake, IL

Hello Dr. Byrd, I love your service! I have had Calypso for 2 years and she hasn't had to be dewormed because of the fast and reliable service you provide. You make the process so easy to use and making the results available via e-mail is wonderful! I will continue to spread the words

Megan MacSparran - Renton, WA

The emailed results worked wonderfully and was so convenient. I also want to add that I am so happy my friend recommended you. It was so easy and far less expensive than bringing my vet out. He was actually the one who told my friend about you so you have vets recommending you too!

Catherine Evans - Upstate New York

Your new format for fecal results is very easy to odtain and makes our life alot easier! you are the only doctor who has completely dewormed our horses in the more than two years that we've had them! you provide a service that can't be beat even be the local vets! we are glad we've found you and our horses are too!

Evette Alti - Levittown, NY

Got my emailed results. Your new system working great. This is the best service I have come across for my horse. It gives me the confidence that I am doing the right thing by not automatically deworming him and making him resistant to treatment. I am a naturalist and I just love the service you provide. Thanks so much!

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