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Delana Lands - Texas

Excellent turnaround with the results. I wasn't expecting them so soon. I received the pdf email attachment just fine. Much appreciated! I'll be working with you again in the future. I thank you for all your hard work.

Debbie - Fallbrook

Really great turn around time with the results and the kit was efficient, organized and easy to use! Will continue to use Horseman's Laboratory!!

Phyllis Lerro - West Tennessee

I very much appreciate the quick turn around! Results within 2 days of dropping the samples into the mail was pretty great. I will be using your service again

Shari - North Carolina

Your new service is fast and great - thanks for providing it.

Kimberly Lane - Aransas Pass, Texas

Our small, but very active boarding stable feeds local hay but also offers pasture grazing on lands previously occupied by cows. We had an aggressive rotation paste worming schedule, but were concerned about pesticide overloads, related stomach ulcers and colic. Our test results came back quick and we are now on our way to a more informed and horse friendly worming program, thanks to Dr. Byrd.

Linda Fullmer - Utah

Thanks for providing this great service with super fast results. My stallion has not been wormed since 2010. My mare on occasion …only makes sense to use chemicals only when needed.

Carmen - Maryland

We're back for a follow-up. Our experience has been again very good. Your results are speedy, the kits are convenient and service impeccable! Thank you!

Debra - Howard County, Maryland

So happy to discover this service. Easy process, very reasonable cost, fast results via email (4 days after I dropped samples in the mail), and a great way to help stop overuse of wormers. I am a fan.

Tarja Toivonen - Parker, CO

Get the prepaid package: Each time you submit a sample, you automatically a get a new kit in return. The return envelope has postage on it, so you just drop it off in a mailbox on your way out of the barn. The invoice shows how many kits are are still left. Simple, easy, fast (I got my results in four days via email.)

Jane Morris - IL

This service is so easy to use, and results are FAST. Getting the results report via email is easy and quick. Now I don't have to waste $$ on de-wormers that my horse doesn't need. Thanks.

Laura Campbell - Aledo, TX

I had been told (years ago) that I should worm my horses every 3 months. Using your lab to confirm the presence of worms just makes more sense. Thanks!

Linda C - Oregon

I have not wormed my horse in ~2 years since starting regular fecal testing, & he is doing great. He lives on dry lot in a small herd, eats hay & a small amount of grain, manure is cleaned daily.

Sandra Osmond - California

I have not wormed my horses since roughly 2005, when I started using Horsmen's Laboratory, because they have never had worms. I am on a dry lot, feed hay, and clean manure daily.

Joye - Wisconsin

First time using this online system of fecal testing and was very happy with it. Sent in the fecal over the weekend and received results back even on a holiday! Will definitely keep using this system.

Carmen - Maryland

My new horse came to me with a very high fecal egg count. The first time I checked -against the recommendation of the vet- I treated him successfully, but was unsure so I wanted a follow up check. Your service is truly fantastic. Honestly. I feel like celebrating!

Laura Rice - Washington

Thank you for your great service. Really surprised to find one horse has a pretty good egg count, other horse in same pasture had a negative sample. This is the first fecal test I have ever done, great information.

Dory Kwan - Albion, California

Got your email results, no problem opening the file. Love the service!

Terry Buckley - Massachusetts

Still great service - thanks. Took sample on Sunday, mailed Monday morning, and had emailed results by Wednesday afternoon.

Sheri Tresko - Cheney, WA

Wow! I just mailed the sample on 4/15 and got my results today (4/17). That's fast! Magic is again negative, I haven't had to give her dewormer in 2 or 3 years (I've lost track). Thank you Horsemen's Lab!

Linda R - San Juan Capistrano

Thank you for offering this valuable service. Finally, I am able to tailor my horse's worming based on her body's actual needs rather than guessing. Easy to collect and ship sample, quick results-great peace of mind.

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